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What Are We Doing About Elder Abuse?

Researchers at The FrameWorks Institute recently published a study on elder abuse. This study includes gaps and overlays of thinking from experts and the public (see Chapter 5), which lead to different strategies to address this problem. The report covers the expert point of view (what is elder abuse, the causes, effects, and how it should be addressed) as well as the public view on elder abuse.

When you consider that abuse causes a threefold increase in a victim’s risk of dying within three years, there is much that should be done. The study identifies many solutions but notes that there is little research on what solutions work best. One solution mentioned "the need for better support within communities for both caregivers and older adults. Adult daycare and respite care can help alleviate caregiver stress. Senior centers, social activities for older people, and other programs that integrate older people into communities can prevent social isolation and ensure that there are people involved in the lives of older people who can detect abuse when it happens.”

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