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Did You Know that Nurses Can’t Provide Nursing in Most Assisted Living Settings?

We are very happy to report that, at our urging, Assemblyman Gottfried has introduced A.10384 – (Gottfried), which would allow all Adult Care Facility (ACF) and assisted living providers that employ nurses the option to provide nursing services directly. Many ACF and assisted living facilities in the state currently employ nurses, but only those facilities that are licensed as an Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) can provide nursing services directly. Our ACF/assisted living members have been wanting to utilize the nursing resources they have in-house to provide more immediate and proactive services to their residents, and have the ability to conduct assessments that could prevent emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations. This would enable ACF and assisted living settings to be a more effective partner to others in the context of DSRIP and managed long term care, while also providing a better quality of life to their residents.

This new bill is a very exciting step in this long-standing member priority, and we need your help to move it to the next level. Please take two mins. today to send your representatives a message that you want them to support this bill. We have made it easy for you! Click here and input your information, and our advocacy tool will automatically send a pre-written letter to your legislators.

In order for us to be successful in our advocacy, we must engage a large-scale grassroots effort. If this issue is important to you, share our advocacy page with your board, staff, residents, resident families, and anyone else that might care about this issue; and ask them to send a message as well. Anyone in New York can send a letter of support, and it is very easy to do. We need to send an overwhelming message to our representatives, and there are only a few weeks of session left, so we urge you to take action today! 

Contact: Diane Darbyshire, ddarbyshire@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8828