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OTDA Announces SSI Increase for ACFs for 2022

The Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) has published the State Supplement (SSP) to the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit for 2022. While the Department of Health (DOH) typically puts out a Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) announcing the implications for residents of adult care facilities (ACFs) that receive Congregate Care Level 3 benefits, we wanted to alert you to this in the interim, so you can plan accordingly for the year ahead.

The federal cost of living adjustment (COLA) of 5.9 percent is applied to the federal portion of the Congregate Care Level 3 benefit, bringing it up to $841 per month. There is no COLA made to the state portion; it remains funded at $694 per month. Thus, the total benefit for residents that receive both SSI and SSP is $1,535 per month. This includes a personal needs allowance (PNA), which, with the federal COLA, is $222.

For reference purposes only, last year’s DAL can be accessed here. The DAL is offered to remind you of the regulatory requirements regarding notice to residents. In general terms, Assisted Living Residences (ALRs) must provide 45 days’ notice of an increase in fees, while other ACFs must provide 30 days’ notice.

LeadingAge NY will share the DAL announcing the 2022 rates once available.

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