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DOH Issues Several DALs for ACFs This Week

The Department of Health (DOH) has issued several Dear Administrator Letters (DALs) for adult care facility (ACF) and assisted living providers in the past week:

  • The third quarter Quarterly Statistical Information Report (QSIR) is due by Oct. 31st. Click here to view the DAL. Questions regarding the QSIR can be directed to DOH’s Georgina Raus via email to acfqsir@health.ny.gov.
  • DOH issued its annual cold weather advisory, which can be viewed here. The DAL reminds providers of their regulatory responsibilities during the colder weather. It also provides attachments regarding steps to be taken by ACFs in the colder weather, steps to prevent hypothermia and frostbite, and symptoms of cold exposure and treatment. This information is to be posted in a conspicuous area in your facility that is accessible by both staff and residents.
  • DOH issued a DAL regarding the submission of Resident Safety Plans to perform construction, repair or renovation of, or an addition to any ACF. For such projects, a Resident Safety Plan must be uploaded through the New York State Electronic Certificate of Need (NYSECON) application on the Health Commerce System (HCS). The DAL can be viewed here. According to the DAL, if a facility advances construction, repair, renovation, or addition absent an approved Resident Safety Plan and/or NYSECON-based project, the Department will proceed with enforcement, which may include suspension and/or revocation, financial penalty, and other remedies as deemed necessary under the Social Services Law. Questions regarding this process can be submitted to DOH at acfcon@health.ny.gov.
  • Lastly, DOH issued a DAL regarding the ongoing vaccination of staff and residents in ACFs, which can be viewed here. The DAL highlights the responsibility of the ACF to ensure access to vaccination, including boosters and third doses.

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