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Reminder: Office of Health Emergency Preparedness Drills for Nursing Home, Home Care, and ACF Providers

The Department of Health’s (DOH) Office of Health Emergency Preparedness is conducting a series of emergency preparedness exercises. Drills already took place in the Capital District and Central Region. A drill is scheduled for Long Island this week, the Western Region the week of Feb. 12th, and the Hudson Valley region the week of Feb. 19th. The New York City providers will have a separate, city-specific exercise in the future.

One of the goals of the drill is to test the communications in the event of an emergency. Providers will be given a scenario which will require them to respond to a survey on the Health Commerce System (HCS). The drill will involve adult care facilities, nursing homes, and home care agencies statewide with the exception of the five boroughs of New York City. For nursing home and home care providers that must comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Emergency Preparedness rule, participation in the exercise will fulfill one of the exercise requirements.

DOH held informational webinars and has provided a copy of the presentation if you were not able to participate. The Department has asked that we share additional information with you as well:

Providers are encouraged to review your roles in the HCS before the drill to ensure that the key roles are populated and accurate. Providers are strongly encouraged to participate in a webinar to learn what will be expected and how to successfully participate in the drill. Again, the webinars and drill are not for New York City providers; they will be offered city-specific exercises.

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