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DOH Office of Health Emergency Preparedness Offers Several Preparedness Activities for ACFs

The Department of Health’s (DOH) Office of Health Emergency Preparedness (OHEP) has announced a variety of activities to assist adult care facilities (ACFs) in emergency preparedness activities. Each is for ACFs across the state with the exception of New York City (NYC) ACFs, which have NYC-specific activities.

HEPC Exercises

In the upcoming month, ACFs can participate in regional multi-day Health Emergency Preparedness Coalition (HEPC) exercises throughout the state.

The HEPC exercise is designed to test:

  • Medical surge (Coalition Surge Test)
  • Medical countermeasures (MCM drill)
  • Interoperable communications (IOC drill)

In preparation for the multi-day exercise, the Department is offering an informational webinar to brief providers. Two briefings will be offered this week, on Feb. 5th and Feb. 6th. We strongly encourage you to participate in the webinar so you can learn more about the upcoming exercises and understand how you can participate. The exercises will help you determine your facility’s preparedness in the event of an emergency and help you consider how you might work with your local resources in such an event. Click here for more information and registration information.

Facility Evacuation Planning Application

DOH is conducting webinars for ACFs and other providers regarding the new Facility Evacuation Planning Application (FEPA). According to DOH, the FEPA, previously known as the Facility Profile Application, is a planning tool that provides an easy process to assess and maintain information about the facility’s patient/resident send – receive arrangements with other facilities as part of their evacuation planning. The FEPA has undergone significant revision and improvements for this version. These updates allow for streamlined flow of work, reduced action activities, and will allow for the documentation of all hazard send/receive arrangements. Click here to view the FEPA Users Guide 3.0, which is a resource for information in using the FEPA application. Providers are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the three scheduled webinars to learn more about the tool. Click here to register.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Training

This spring, OHEP is offering Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) Training for ACFs. The purpose of the training is to provide ACF personnel with the information and tools to develop a CEMP to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and manmade disasters. It is strongly recommended that each ACF send a staff person to the training. DOH recommends that administrators and/or other staff involved in emergency planning attend. The training is a full day and is offered free of charge. Multiple sessions have been scheduled in different parts of the state. Click here for an announcement of upcoming CEMP Trainings and here for Enrollment Instructions, which will provide you with information regarding how to register for the session on the State’s Learning Management System (LMS). If you have questions regarding the LMS, email dlearn@health.ny.gov or call 518-474-2893. If you have questions regarding the training, email prepedap@health.ny.gov or call 518-474-2893.

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