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DOH Issues Application for ALPs to Expand by Nine or Fewer Beds

Per language in this year’s budget, the Department of Health (DOH) has just issued an application for assisted living programs (ALPs) to expand their programs by nine or fewer beds.

Specifically, existing ALPs can apply to DOH for up to nine additional ALP beds that do not require major renovation or construction. The ALP must agree to dedicate these additional beds to serve only Medicaid recipients, be in good standing with DOH, and be in compliance with appropriate State and local requirements as determined by DOH. The number of additional ALP beds approved under the above process will be based on the total number of previously awarded beds either withdrawn by applicants or denied by DOH, which we are told equals about 1,000 beds. DOH will utilize an expedited review process allowing certification of the additional beds within 90 days of its receipt of a satisfactory application.

Click here to view the DAL which outlines the application process.

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