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LeadingAge, VNAA, and ElevatingHOME Announce Affiliation

LeadingAge has taken an important step towards increasing its impact and influence across the full continuum of services and supports for people as they age. Last month, the organization entered into an agreement with the intent to affiliate with the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) and ElevatingHOME. All three organizations have shared visions, similar missions, and a deep commitment to service. They are committed to high quality, person-centered care for individuals in whatever setting they call home. And, as a member of both LeadingAge NY and LeadingAge National, you will enjoy the benefits of this new partnership as well.

ElevatingHOME and its subsidiary, VNAA, are member-led organizations working to expand the definition of and conversation around home-based care, supporting providers of home health and hospice services. Many LeadingAge members currently offer these services; LeadingAge and VNAA/ElevatingHOME also have several members in common. We believe that together we will have an even greater impact in advocating for sound public policy, serving our members, and fostering innovative practices that will lead to the transformation of service delivery.

Over the next several months, our three organizations will move forward in the process of achieving strategic and operational alignment. We believe that bringing together VNAA’s clinical practice expertise, ElevatingHOME’s commitment to strengthen home-based care, and LeadingAge’s tradition of serving the full continuum with our focus on shaping the future to meet the needs of an increasing number of older adults creates significant and exciting opportunities for all of us.

We look forward to engaging in our important work together.

If you have any questions, please contact LeadingAge NY staff at 518-867-8383.