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New Nursing Home Family Advocacy Letter Now Available

Late last week, the Nursing Home Families of New York released a new digital advocacy letter urging elected officials to provide funding to allow for the enhancement of wages for certified nurse aides (CNAs) in nursing homes. The letter draws a clear connection between inadequate nursing home Medicaid rates and nursing home challenges in recruiting and retaining direct care staff. The group acknowledges in its letter that nursing homes are not able to provide competitive wages when the State only reimburses homes for a fraction of the cost of care.

LeadingAge NY strongly encourages our nursing home members to share this advocacy letter with your network of resident families TODAY. Additionally, if resident family members or loved ones express interest in getting more engaged in this advocacy for enhanced Medicaid rates to nursing homes, they can sign up here to be put in direct contact with the Nursing Home Families of New York.

The Nursing Home Families of New York is a self-identified group of pro-nursing home family advocates aimed at collaborating with nursing homes to enhance the quality of care for residents and loved ones. LeadingAge NY is partnering with this group to strengthen our advocacy reach and get family members of nursing home residents engaged in our urgent request for the State to provide an immediate, emergency Medicaid rate increase for the benefit of all older adults living in nursing homes.

Contact: Sarah Daly, sdaly@leadingageny.org