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LeadingAge National Launches “Coffee Chats with Congress” Campaign

With congressional lawmakers and staff working back in their districts during the month of August, LeadingAge National has launched “Coffee Chats with Congress,” a campaign urging members to set up conversations with their representatives to discuss the good work they are doing and the challenges their communities face.

Per the campaign announcement issued last week:

“Every chance you have to sit down with a legislator and talk specifically about issues that affect your organization is a chance to put a ‘face’ on those issues and to share your story. It’s also a chance for legislators to see our mission up close and personal.

To help kick start these meetings, LeadingAge is launching Coffee Chats With Congress this summer and fall. This campaign is asking LeadingAge members to set up conversations with legislators to discuss the good work you’re doing and the challenges that your community encounters. These Coffee Chats do not need to be very formal and should focus on highlighting the success of your local organization and the challenges that you are working on. We will help you think through the invitation, the location, and the meeting itself. In turn, you will be showcasing the terrific work you do and connecting the dots for the legislator on how decisions made in Washington, D.C. affect what happens in your community.”

For more information about Coffee Chats with Congress and to access LeadingAge National’s comprehensive campaign toolkit, please click here.

Contact: Jeff Diamond, jdiamond@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8821