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Comprehensive A/R Solutions, a LeadingAge NY Business Partner, Announces New Medicaid Applications Service

Here at Comprehensive A/R Solutions, we believe in making the complex world of accounts receivables easier and more efficient to navigate by offering full-service A/R management for our clients. We envision a world where our providers can focus their full attention on patient care, knowing that we are behind them, addressing all their billing and A/R-related concerns. To continue our mission, we have recently announced the rollout of our new service, CMA Comprehensive Medicaid Applications, as a means to assist our clients and their residents in the full scope of the Medicaid application process.

From our experience, Medicaid is the largest payer bucket in a typical SNF, and yet the route to approval seems so murky and complex. Every so often, cases deny, resulting in nonpayment. Or, at times, the cases are approved, but with gaps in coverage. CMA offers a solution to that by supporting the business offices, residents, and their families through the application process.

Additionally, many providers are struggling with census, and there is often a need to consider admissions with a greater level of financial risk. Our service will assist the Admissions and Business Office departments to assess potential risk and then handle the complex Medicaid pending cases, allowing providers greater flexibility with their admissions.

CMA has the knowledge and experience to acquire Medicaid benefits through the most efficient and simplified process. We also have a full legal team behind us to ensure even your most difficult applications have a route to approval. If you think we can assist with your Medicaid caseload, or have Medicaid cases outstanding 120 days+, or are understaffed and need a helping hand, please reach out to 732-942-4558 ext. 255 for a free consultation with one of our Medicaid Experts. For community-based providers, feel free to share this notice with your clients.