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ADHCC Update - Jan 19, 2019

Dear ADHCC members,


On Tues., Jan. 15th, Governor Cuomo presented his FY 2020 budget plan, titled 2019 Justice Agenda: The Time is Now. The proposed $175.1 billion budget, which covers the period April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020, closes an estimated $3.1 billion deficit while holding the State spending increase to under 2 percent and increasing State Medicaid spending by $568 million.


The budget bills and legislative memoranda are posted on the Division of the Budget’s (DOB) FY 2020 Executive Budget webpage. Linked here is an initial summary of budget provisions affecting long term care, senior services, and housing providers. LeadingAge NY/ADHCC is closely analyzing the budget and seeking further clarity on various provisions and will be providing members with a detailed summary by early next week.


Included in this email is information about Advocacy Day which will be held on Tues. Feb. 5 in Albany. Please register today for Advocacy Day. Click here to identify your legislators.


ADHC Transportation Cut

For the fourth year, the Department of Health (DOH) proposes to eliminate Method 1 transportation and move all programs into Method 2. This would mean that Method 1 ADHC programs that own vehicles or contract with a vendor to transport individuals to and from program (about 70 percent of ADHCC membership) would be mandated to use the State’s Medicaid transportation broker, Medical Answering Services (MAS). The State estimates a savings of $4.10M by converting all Method 1 programs to Method 2. Many of you will remember that we successfully fought against this proposal for the last three budgets. We will need everyone to roll up their sleeves again and get to work on defeating this proposal.


The reason why our advocacy has been successful these past three years is because of your involvement and passion on this issue. If your program or a registrant has had a negative experience with MAS, you must communicate this to your State Assembly member and State Senator by:

  1. Attending Advocacy Day Feb. 5;
  2. Meet with legislators in your home district;
  3. Make phone calls to your legislators (home district location is best for phone calls and letters); or
  4. Write a detailed letter of your experience with MAS and email or mail to your representatives. Please be sure to remove protected health information.


Over the next few weeks, ADHCC and our lobbyists at Greenberg Traurig, LLP will schedule meetings with leaders of the Assembly and Senate Health Committee and Governor’s office.


Attached to this email is the memo of opposition and issue brief. Please use this in your advocacy.



We have been successful in fighting back the proposal to eliminate Method 1 transportation because of our presence in Albany and in local legislative districts. It’s critical that ADHC programs that wish to remain Method 1 attend Advocacy Day Feb. 5 or schedule meetings with your Assembly member and Senator Jan. and Feb. in your home district.


Advocacy Day is the day where ADHCC members come together and meet with members of the Legislature in their Albany office. We will provide talking points and issue briefs for you to disseminate to your representative. The group will assemble on Tuesday morning, Feb. 5, in Meeting Room 5 on the Empire State Plaza. This is our “home base” where breakfast and lunch will be served. From Meeting Room 5, you will walk to your elected official’s office in the Legislative Office Building or Capitol. After your visits, you may go home or stay and network with your peers. You must register for Advocacy Day so we can print enough handouts and order food.  


You must schedule your own visits with your representatives. To identify your representative and the phone number to schedule the visit, click here. If you need help scheduling your appointments, call Anne or Drue. We are more than happy to schedule the visit. If you would like us or member of the ADHCC board of directors to accompany you on your visit, please let us know. We love meeting with legislators!


Advocacy, either in your home district or here in Albany is essential! Whether you are concerned about transportation or any other budget proposal, your voice needs to be heard.


Together we will defeat this budget proposal! See you Feb. 5th!


-Anne and Drue