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ADHCC Update - Dec. 21, 2018

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. LeadingAge NY/ADHCC offices will be closed Dec. 24-25 and Jan. 1.

This will be the last ADHC Update of 2018; we hope you found this method of communication informative and helpful throughout the year. If you have ideas to improve ADHCC communications, we would love to hear from you!

Please read the following news and updates that impact ADHC providers and forward this email to those in your organization as you see fit:

  • The PSR has NOT been posted to the Health Commerce System (HCS);
  • VOTE today! ADHCC election for the 2019 Board of Directors ends at close of business today, Dec. 21;
  • Updates from LeadingAge national ADHC Kitchen Cabinet meeting;
  • Proposed rule on mandatory weekly nursing home bed census report does not apply to ADHC;
  • DOH declares flu prevalent; and
  • Thank you for your membership and support of ADHCC; 2018 ADHCC Accomplishments.

As of this morning, the Program Survey Report (PSR) has not been posted to the Health Commerce System (HCS). ADHCC learned yesterday that the PSR is still waiting final approval from DOH. It is unclear how long this will take, but we anticipate approval soon. ADHCC is monitoring the HCS closely and we will send an email to all members when it’s available. DOH communicated to ADHCC last month that the 2018 PSR will remain the same as previous years.

The ADHCC election for the 2019 Board of Directors will close at 5pm today. Click here to cast your ballot.

Each ADHCC member provider gets to vote for their Regional Representative and Executive Committee officers. All members may vote for treasurer, secretary and chair-elect; however, voting for regional representative is limited to programs located in that region. The positions of chairperson and immediate past chairperson are already established for 2019 and will be Mackenzie Bellinger and Jeraldine Fedoriw, respectively. For a paper transcript of the individuals running for office, please see the Word document attached to this email.

Only one ballot should be submitted per ADHCC member. If you have already voted, thank you! If you are unsure which region your program falls under, please email or call ADHCC.

Click here to complete the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GJ3XSDR by 5pm Dec. 21, 2018.

ADHCC participates in LeadingAge national’s first “ADHC Kitchen Cabinet” call. LeadingAge recently began a committee to discuss ADHC regulatory, operational and advocacy issues. Along with ADHCC, staff from LeadingAge affiliates in North Carolina, Washington, Oklahoma, Georgia and Minnesota participated. LeadingAge provided federal policy updates, new research on Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits (see attached), VA utilization of ADHC and 2019 State policy priorities. The group strategized on how ADHC providers can demonstrate value to Medicare Advantage plans. ADHCC shared our Top 10 Reasons Why Managed Care Plans Should Utilize ADHC marketing flier and how we are establishing a workgroup to develop marketing and educational resources for both plans and ADHC providers. We also shared our concerns with heightened scrutiny and implementation of the federal HCBS Settings Rule.

The Department of Health issued a Proposed Rule to require nursing homes to electronically submit weekly bed census data. ADHCC sought clarification from DOH this week and verified that ADHC programs are not subject to this requirement, should the regulation be approved. Nursing homes and ADHC programs have been advised administratively that they must submit this data. DOH believes that putting this requirement in regulation will improve compliance with timely and accurate nursing home submissions. If you have questions about the weekly ADHC bed census, please contact ADHCC.

DOH has just advised us that the Commissioner has declared influenza prevalent. This declaration activates what is commonly referred to as the “flu mask requirement”. The regulation applies to specific provider types, including nursing homes, adult day health care programs, hospice programs, home care providers, and home care employees of assisted living programs (ALPs); however the requirement does not apply to adult care facilities (ACFs).  In accordance with Section 2.59 of the New York State Sanitary Code (10NYCRR 2.59), all health care and residential facilities and agencies regulated pursuant to Article 28, 36, or 40 of the Public Health Law, shall ensure that all personnel, as defined in the regulation, not vaccinated against influenza for the current influenza season wear a surgical or procedure mask while in areas where patients or residents may be present. This declaration shall remain in effect until the Commissioner declares influenza no longer prevalent in New York State. At this time, please activate your program’s policy and procedure to ensure compliance with 10 NYCRR 2.59.

Thank you for your membership! It’s an honor and privilege to advocate for ADHC providers, staff and registrants in 2018. Please take a look at the 2018 ADHCC Accomplishments attached to this email. We look forward to serving you in 2019!