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ProCare has a proven track record of expertise in assisting facilities with assessing potential problem areas, developing system-based solutions and monitoring outcomes over time to assure compliance.

Our Consultants


Our consultants have successfully completed hundreds of projects, including mock surveys, post survey response, MDS training, nursing rehabilitation, DNS mentoring, documentation education, and orientation for social work.

Our Consultants


Our consultants have worked directly in the long term care profession as nursing home administrators, directors of nursing, social work, staff development, quality assurance and as MDS coordinators.

Our Consultants


Taking a proactive approach ensures top-quality health care and makes good business sense. Schedule your Mock Survey today.

Our Consultants

Antipsychotic Reduction and Behavioral Management

CMS has announced a major initiative to improve behavioral health management, reduce unnecessary antipsychotic drug use and promote resident-centered care programs. CMS hopes to reduce antipsychotic drug use significantly from current levels for all residents and in particular for residents with dementia. 

Our Consultants

Root Cause Analysis

Sometimes things can go wrong; an elopement, a serious medication error, a quality of care issue. When these events happen, the DOH looks at what procedures and policies are in place to investigate accidents and incidents. How does the facility engage in meaningful root cause analysis. Has the required investigation of the incident taken place that includes evidence of gathering and staff interviews? Facilities have been cited at the Immediate Jeopardy level and have been subject to fines and bans on admissions. Unfortunately, all too often, the deficits found are policies and procedures, staff education, or quality assurance activities that have failed to identify or correct vulnerabilities or effectively manage risk.

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