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Ideas and Resources for Increasing Training Capacity in Statewide Healthcare Facilities

Helpful resources in considering how to use funding.

Our Consultants


ProCare has a proven track record of expertise in assisting facilities with assessing potential problem areas, developing system-based solutions and monitoring outcomes over time to assure compliance.

Our Consultants


Our consultants have successfully completed hundreds of projects, including mock surveys, post survey response, MDS training, nursing rehabilitation, DNS mentoring, documentation education, and orientation for social work.

Our Consultants


Our consultants have worked directly in the long term care profession as nursing home administrators, directors of nursing, social work, staff development, quality assurance and as MDS coordinators.

Our Consultants


Taking a proactive approach ensures top-quality health care and makes good business sense. Schedule your Mock Survey today.

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Our Consultants

Frontline Caregiver Training

Training programs aimed at teaching direct caregivers to detect early changes in a resident's physical, mental or functional status that could lead to health declines and/or hospitalization - click here to learn more!

Our Consultants

MDS Auditing and Consulting Services

Gain more insight into your MDS activity, reduce errors and maximize reimbursement by having our consultants evaluate your processes, identify issues, and educate your staff. Our consultants perform a variety of services as part of the review.  

Our Consultants

Top Reasons to Contact LeadingAge New York ProCare

DOH will be at your door soon.

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Our Consultants

Who's Getting You Ready for Your Next Survey? -Time for a Mock Survey?

Let the experts from ProCare review your operation before the surveyors arrive.