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Survey Preparedness

How Do You Measure Up? Contact ProCare Today!

No matter how well your organization is operating, an objective, trained pair of expert eyes can detect problems that might be overlooked by staff. While no one can guarantee you a deficiency- free survey, our findings allow our clients to take the lead in addressing their own problems.  As a result, their chances of being cited in those areas are significantly minimized.  Don’t wait for a bad survey! Let ProCare help you be proactive by identifying and correcting issues before they’re cited.  The survey preparation includes at a minimum:

  • Facility tour;
  • Resident/family interviews and record reviews;
  • Observation of care and treatment (including medication pass observation);
  • Environmental assessment;
  • Meal Serice observation;
  • Review of policies and procedures as appropriate; 
  • Staff interviews as deemed appropriate and necessary; and
  • Opening and exit interviews with facility management/staff as requested.


Call us today at 518.867.8383 for more information.