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Infection Control

Let ProCare help you be proactive by identifying and correcting infection control issues before they’re cited. No matter how well your organization is operating, an objective, trained pair of expert eyes can detect problems that might be overlooked by staff. While no one can guarantee 100% compliance, our findings allow our clients to take the lead in addressing their own problems. As a result, their chances of being cited in those areas are significantly minimized. Don’t wait to be cited!

Areas of focus:

Review roles and responsibilities of the Infection Preventionist

  • This role:
  • Is aware of the current CMS guidelines and that facility policies and procedures     reflected in the DOH Infection Control guidelines
  • Ensures that the guidelines and policy are in practice in the facility


  • PPE
  • Immunizations
  • Infection Control Education (on orientation & annually) on IC
  • Environmental (including cleaning, shared equipment)
  • Systems for establishing and maintaining precautions (standard and extended)
  • Systems of communicating of potential or actual communicable disease on transfers
  • Systems for TB testing for staff
  • Tracking system for infections and resolution, procedures in place in linens/laundry/trash/water testing      

For more information, please contact a ProCare representative at 518-867-8383