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Director of Nursing/ Leadership Mentoring Program

Our highly skilled, committed and knowledgeable consultants with years of Director of Nursing (DON) experience will work in conjunction with both new and inexperienced DON’s as well as experienced DON’s who may be having a difficult time managing some or all aspects of their role. The program is an individualized program that is individually tailored to each DON based on their level of experience with long term care, and their clinical and leadership skill sets.

Our program is designed to provide professional interactions between the nurse consultants and the DON resulting in a well-rounded educational program focusing on the key aspects included in the role of Director of Nursing.  Areas covered in the DON mentoring program include the following: Leadership; Staff and Employee Relationships; Resident Care; and Risk Management and Quality Control.   Our program allows for flexibility in design and duration, while adhering to key principles, to ensure a customized experience for each Director of Nursing.  Each individual mentoring area is also designed to be flexible; allowing for each topic covered to be covered in a fully comprehensive manner or to simply provide an overview depending on the individual’s needs. 

LeadingAge NY would provide both onsite mentoring, and continued offsite mentoring as needed, to ensure competence in the work environment while developing systematic problem solving and leadership skills.  While onsite the consultants would provide hands-on education specifically tailored to the identified needs of the DON; while offsite, the consultant would be available to telephone inquiries, advise, support and direction.