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Developing, Conducting and Running A Successful CNA Training Program

Need a new source of CNAs at your facility? Ever thought about starting your own training program? ProCare has all the resourcs to support this endeavor. Join us in a CNA training program seminar! Whether you are just starting a new CNA training program, or reviving an old one, we have tips and information for you and your educational staff.  Learn the ins and outs of Prometric testing preparation, methods of evaluating, presentation of critical thinking and lots more.

Our ProCare staff have experience in all aspects of creating your own CNA training program from the application process, teaching requirements, all the way through the practical tips and hands on resources to make your program a complete success right from the start. With our experienced program educators and clinical experts we are here to guide you in whatever phase of this process you are in. We can support you in strengthening the pipeline of new and qualified CNAs at your facility. Reach out today for more details.