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Healthcare Business Analytics Mgmt LLC Endorsed by LeadingAge New York Services

LeadingAge New York Services has partnered with the industry-recognized experts at Healthcare Business Analytics Mgmt, a subsidiary of Freed Maxick CPA. Freed Maxick has spent three years developing a robust Business Intelligence platform specifically for the post-acute care industry, helping leaders gain greater insight into occupancy trends, managed care strategies, improving revenue cycle performance, and a better understanding of costs at the resident level (by RUG, Diagnosis, and other key factors), offering unprecedented insight into profitability.

The post-acute care industry is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Leaders are challenged to make faster and more complex decisions than ever before. Although there is more data available than at any time in our history, there is very little actionable information available to support the critical decisions that need to be made in real time. Healthcare Business Analytics bridges that gap, enabling organizations to make more informed decisions with all of the facts needed to support prediction of future trends while showing near real-time, historical performance.

Healthcare Business Analytics Mgmt allows providers to proactively:

  • Understand their revenues and costs at the resident level, including discrete elements of costs for nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pharmacy, lab, X-ray, high-cost medical supplies, and other direct cost categories.
  • Have tools for managed care negotiations and new payment models, such as bundled payments and value based payments.
  • Manage labor costs.
  • Manage accounts receivable, denials, and enhancing revenue capture.
  • Manage their census and occupancy.
  • Perform critical strategic referral targeting.

Healthcare Business Analytics allows the post-acute care industry to develop and present relevant and timely information that helps drive the organization forward. For more information, please contact Dan Gerena, Principal, at dan.gerena@freedmaxick.com or 716-228-3468. https://www.freedmaxick.com/services/consulting/healthcare/business-intelligence/