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Critical UI Funding Options Exclusive to 501(c)(3) Employers

With human resource costs and pending legal changes being one of the fastest growing concerns for employers—we wanted to see if UST could offer you some much needed relief. 

As a 501(c)(3), when your organization has an unemployment claim, you are allowed by federal law to pay only for the unemployment benefits claimed by the employee, instead of state taxes. This allows you to continue to provide unemployment benefits, without sharing in the excess costs of state unemployment taxes that subsidize for-profit employers.

But how do you know whether you should opt out of the UI tax system?

Endorsed by LeadingAge NY since 2002, UST helps nonprofits benchmark their unemployment costs to determine if they should exercise their tax exemption status. Whether you’re better suited as a tax-rated or reimbursing employer, UST can offer you a variety of funding options, an expert claims advisor as well as a live HR Hotline so you maintain compliance in all HR matters … without the costly legal consultation.

From e-filing unemployment claim reports to representing you at claim hearings—UST's goal is to simplify your job. 

Just last year, 2,200+ UST participants saved over $26.2 million in unemployment claims costs. If you have 10+ employees, fill out the free Unemployment Cost Analysis to uncover your saving’s potential. Expedite your request today with this Priority Code: 2018LA-NY-E.