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Check Your Mailboxes: Uncover Potential UI Tax Savings

As a 501(c)(3), you are allowed by federal law to pay only for the unemployment benefits claimed by former employees. This allows you to continue to provide employees with UI benefits without sharing in the excess costs of the state unemployment tax system.

Having partnered with LeadingAge New York since 2002, the Unemployment Services Trust (UST) helps member nonprofits exercise this option in a safe, cost-effective way. UST can help you build an account to pay claims and manage cash flow due to unexpected activity, and provide claims tracking to reduce benefits paid in error. Last year, UST returned $1,597,654.53 in recovered state errors to its members.

To get a more extensive preview of UST’s cost-saving services, be on the lookout for their upcoming mailing, which will be hitting your mailbox in September.

If you don’t want to wait to find out whether you’re overpaying for unemployment taxes, you can fill out the Unemployment Cost Analysis form online or call UST directly at 888-249-4788. You must submit the Cost Analysis before Nov 15th to meet the deadline for 2018 enrollment. (Use priority code 2017LA-NY-E to expedite your request).