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LeadingAge NY Offering Free Guidance on New Nursing Home Regulations

LeadingAge NY, LeadingAge National, and other state affiliates have engaged Pathway Health to help members navigate the nursing home Requirements of Participation (RoP) for Phase I under the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) final rule. Pathway Health (http://www.pathwayhealth.com/) is a Minnesota-based firm that LeadingAge NY and other states have worked with on various nursing home training and educational initiatives.

The first stage of this effort will include the development of policy and procedure templates for the following 17 areas of the RoP rule, which will be provided exclusively to our members free of charge:

  1. Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, and Misappropriation of Property

  2. Admissions

  3. Visitation Rights

  4. Grievance Policy/Grievance Officer Appointment

  5. Advance Directives

  6. Room Change

  7. Notification of Clinician

  8. Bed Hold and Return

  9. Transfer Process

  10. Discharge Summary

  11. PASARR

  12. CPR

  13. Bed Rail Assessment

  14. Checklist/Process to Ensure Monitoring Variances in Resident’s Mood and Behavior

  15. Drug Regimen Policy

  16. Use and Storage of Food/Beverages Brought by Family and Others

  17. Bed Inspection Policy

For each of these areas, Pathway Health will work with us to prepare and publish for member use:

  • An RoP Item Overview, including the changes from the former rule to the new rule as well as highlights for leadership awareness.

  • A Policy and Procedure Checklist indicating elements and/or language that needs to be included in the new policy.

  • A generic Sample Policy and Procedure.

  • A training template with speakers’ notes for operational implementation.

We will post these individual policy and procedure templates as they are completed on the Nursing Homes page of the LeadingAge NY website, beginning within a week. More information will follow. It is our intent that this will enable member organizations to implement the new rules as easily as possible.

Contact: Dan Heim, dheim@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8866