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AANAC MDS Essentials Virtual Workshop Series

MDS Essentials: An Introduction to the MDS 3.0 - A 10-Session Virtual Workshop Series

March 31 - June 9, 2017


New resident assessment coordinators with fewer than six months experience and staff interested in the MDS process can take advantage of a new education program, MDS Essentials: An Introduction to the MDS 3.0—a 10-Session Virtual Workshop Series. The workshop moves through the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) User’s Manual, helping staff understand the intent, rationale, and coding requirements of each MDS item set, Care Area Assessments, care plans, and scheduling. The program will help the MDS coordinator perform his or her job duties skillfully and with confidence.

At the end of the ten sessions, you will:

  • Understand the history of the RAI process and the scope of the RAI’s impact, including Quality Measures, Five Star Rating, reimbursement, and survey outcomes
  • Know how to avoid coding errors by effectively using the RAI User’s Manual and understanding of MDS item sets
  • Be able to develop person-centered care plans based on an understanding of Care Area Assessments
  • Comprehend the basics of assessment scheduling to avoid being overwhelmed by PPS and OBRA timing guidelines

Learn Now or Learn Later

The ten-session virtual workshop can be viewed as a live event or in recorded form. Receive 12.5 CEs for all ten sessions! Sessions begin March 31 and continue through June 9. All sessions begin at 1 pm ET. The discount is available after the live sessions. Links to recorded sessions will be sent to you.

AANAC Member Pricing:

  • 10-Session Bundle: $375
  • Single-session: $45

Non-member Pricing:

  • 10-Session Bundle: $575
  • Single-session: $75


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1. MDS Essentials: An Introduction to RAI Process, OBRA ’87, and RAI User’s Manual – 1.25 CEs

March 31, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

2. MDS Essentials: Coding Sections A, B, C, H, and I – 1.25 CEs

April 7, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

3. MDS Essentials: Coding Sections D, E, F, and Q – 1.25 CEs

April 14, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

4. MDS Essentials: Coding Sections G and J – 1.25 CEs

April 21, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

5. MDS Essentials: Coding Sections GG and K – 1.25 CEs

April 28, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

6. MDS Essentials: Coding Sections L, M, N, and P – 1.25 CEs

May 12, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

7. MDS Essentials: Coding Sections O, V, X, and Z – 1.25 CEs

May 19, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

8. MDS Essentials: Introduction to CAA Documentation and Care Plans – 1.25 CEs

May 26, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

9. MDS Essentials: Introduction to OBRA Scheduling – 1.25 CEs

June 2, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes

10. MDS Essentials: Introduction to PPS Scheduling – 1.25 CEs

June 9, 1 pm ET, 75 minutes


Questions? Contact Kathy Burke at 518.867.8385, ext. 138 or kburke@leadingageny.org