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Changes to Transportation Regions 1 through 6 for OMH and OPWDD Registrants

This is to advise you that there will be a change effective Jan. 1, 2014 for OMH and OPWDD registrants residing in some upstate counties where the ADHC program utilizes Method 2 transportation. This change will NOT affect OMH and OPWDD registrants where the ADHC program utilizes Method 1 ADHC transportation services to bring OMH and OPWDD clients to/from the ADHC program. OMH and OPWDD registrants in Method 1 ADHC programs will be transported in the usual way when attending ADHC.

Effective Jan. 1, 2014 Method 2 ADHC programs with OMH and OPWDD registrants residing in certain upstate counties, will be required to have transportation services (to/from the ADHC and for any medical appointments) for these registrants authorized through Medical Answering Services (MAS). Method 1 ADHC programs will be required to use MAS to authorize transportation for OMH and OPWDD clients residing in these counties for medical appointments only.

Please follow this link to the November Medicaid Update (page 5)


In addition, a definition of Method 1 and Method 2 ADHC transportation is listed below.

Method 1 ADHC transportation – ADHC manages transportation by either using their own vehicles or hiring a transportation vendor. The ADHC program bills the state, or if the registrant is enrolled in a managed long term care (MLTC) plan bills the MLTC, a negotiated transportation rate for these services.

Method 2 ADHC transportation – ADHC program does not manage the transportation for ADHC registrants. ADHC registrants are transported to/from the ADHC program by Medicaid enrolled transportation providers. Trips are authorized by the local department of social services (LDSS in a few remaining instances) or by a transportation manager that has a contract with the state. Downstate this is LogistiCare (Servisair in Suffolk). Upstate it is MAS (VMC Group in Cattaraugus).

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