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Additional UAS-NY FAQs

As deadlines approach for your "go-live" date, I have received many phone calls and emails about the UAS-NY. I understand many of you are under tremendous stress and I am always happy to take your phone calls/emails. Please continue to forward me your questions.

I want to take this opportunity to remind you of three points:

1.       You don’t have to assess all of your registrants by Feb. 1 (your go-live date for Regions 7 & 8). You only need to assess using the UAS-NY on any new registrants who come to your program on or after Feb. 1 and those who are due for their re-assessment on or after Feb. 1.  

For example: Mrs. Smith has been a registrant for 5 years. Her reassessment is always due on Feb. 18. You will need to complete the UAS-NY on or before Feb. 18 for Mrs. Smith. If Mrs. Smith’s 6-month reassessment is due June 18, that is when you would conduct the UAS-NY. Please remember that our regulations say reassessments are due every 6 months, NOT every 6 months plus 1 day. There is nothing to preclude you from completing the assessment early.

2.      You must conduct a unique assessment on ALL registrants, even those who are enrolled in an MLTC plan. Do not carry over or update an assessment that has already been conducted by the MLTC plan. There are 3 radio buttons that are, by default, checked. You must uncheck the buttons in order to add an original assessment.  

Be sure to read every screen in the UAS-NY carefully. It is very easy to get “click happy” and breeze past this screen.

3.      If you are unable to complete the training by Feb. 1, you must assess using the RAI for any new enrollees or any scheduled re-assessments until you are up and running with the UAS. DOH will be disseminating statement of deficiencies for programs who are unable to make the deadline. You must not ignore or delay an assessment because you have not been trained/certified.

If you have additional questions, please contact me at ahill@leadingageny.org or call 518-867-8383, ext. 141.