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Complete the ADHC Survey
for National Study of LTC Providers

Complete the ADHC Survey for the National Study of LTC Providers

The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics has launched the third wave of the National Study of Long-Term Care Providers (NSLTCP), a biennial national study of the major sectors of paid, regulated providers of long-term care services. This data collection effort includes more than 5,000 adult day services centers across the country.  Your adult day services center may be one of them. 

Data collection started in August 2016 and will continue through February 2017.   Adult day services, administrators or directors are asked to provide information about their center through a mail or web questionnaire that will take on average 30 minutes to complete.  Centers who have not responded via mail or web by November 23 will be called to be given the opportunity to participate via telephone. 

NSLTCP collects information about the characteristics of adult day services providers, the services they offer, and their staffing; and the demographics, functional status and health of the participants they serve.  This information will help policymakers, health care planners, and providers better understand, plan for, and serve the future long-term care needs of the older population and disabled adults.  While results from this survey, including state estimates, will be made publicly available, all data will be kept confidential and will be aggregated, so that the names of the adult day services center, staff, participants and survey respondents will not be identifiable.  Participation is voluntary. 

The power of this survey depends on participation.   All adult day health care programs in New York are included in the study. Please make your voice heard by participating!. 

For more information, please visit the NSLTCP website:  http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nsltcp.htm and click on the Adult Day Services Center Participants tab. If you have questions about completing the questionnaire, or received a questionnaire packet in the mail but no longer have it or cannot find it, please contact the NSLTCP Help Desk today at 1-866-245-8078.  

Thank you to Peter Notarstefano, Director of Home and Community Based Services, LeadingAge for providing this important reminder.