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ADHC Program Evaluation Template & Quality Assurance Audit Tools

ADHC Program Evaluation Template & Quality Assurance Audit Tools
Program Evaluation Template

In conformance with Title 10 Section 425.22 (a) Quality improvement. “The operator must develop and implement a quality improvement process that provides for an annual or more frequent review of the operator’s program.” This template provides a guide or outline for ADHC programs to follow in order to comply with the requirements for an annual review of the program as indicated above. This annual review is commonly referred to as an annual report or annual program report.

Program directors may modify or add to this template to ensure that their own annual report has all the components required by regulation.  We have labeled the sections “recommended” (the ADHCC program evaluation task force suggests you include this to enhance your annual report); or “required (you must include this to be in conformance with Section 422.22(a); or “optional” (many members include this information in their annual report and find it useful).

The program evaluation template includes nine quality assurance audit tools. If you have questions about purchasing this product, please contact Anne Hill at ahill@leadingageny.org or call 518.867.8383, ext. 141.